Sunday, April 15, 2012

God, That Conceited roof styles

Darn, it is four:30 am and the three fallen angels have possessed my slumber once again. Disguised as angels of light, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum, with horns,roof styles, pitchforks, and hooves, have turned my dreams into nightmares. Their use of scripture has verified why religion need to stay separate from politics particularly when it issues judgment of who's or is not Christian.

Recently, as a result of his stance on women's rights, the Republican candidates have unanimously agreed that President Obama is of Satan and are utilizing paraphrased scripture to back their insults. Former candidate Rick Perry, smearing his self-proclaimed superior spiritualism, started these insinuations with his "dying final words- campaign- attack ad," claiming the president an anti Christian, or dare I say Antichrist. What/who would possess them to slander somebody who God and the individuals clearly chose to choreograph our nation's recovery?

What about these verses they claim as their proof? It's true; the Holy Bible literally states that should you be not with Christ you are against him, if you are not of him you might be from the devil. Does this mean that our friends and loved ones, non-Christians, or Christians daring to disagree with their opinion, are evil, of Satan, taking the devil's side? Is it fair to concerns a person's faith because of opposition? Should really we take these verses literally and when the answer is no, is there an option to what seems literal, well known? Yes. But maintain in mind-- 80% on the New Testament plus the Epistles concern the future, and can be applied towards the second coming of Christ.

As Christians we recognize that God has, in his past, displayed a few of one of the most damning human characteristics, jealousy,wood storage buildings, anger, vengeance, attributes sure to send most of us straight to hell. Nevertheless, when portrayed by God, these same traits develop into righteous, intending to show us just how much he certainly loves us. We're to understand that his corrective response is for our own excellent, but, "do as I say, not as I do," and rightly so. He is our creator. How are we to interpret scriptures saying "my way or the highway of hell?" Really should we add conceit to God's loving qualities?

Yes, if we take these scriptures actually, each and every non-Christian is from the evil a single, doomed for hell. This is the unfortunate, well-liked theory. But if applied towards the second coming of Christ these verses take on a unique spiritually sensible which means.

"Call it insane, zany, lunacy, but it is just as crazy or legitimate as any other theory. And although I reserve the right to possibly be incorrect about everything, I know precisely what I am talking about, although I be the lone survivor."

Prior to the second coming, if you are not with Christ or of him,building sheds, you are going to most certainly be of Satan. According to Jesus and also the Apostle Paul, the church will fall away from believing in the true God/True Christ and can ultimately comply with Satan/Antichrist. It occurs in the course of a precise time period referred to as the "Hour of Temptation." The Bible states that a short time prior to the True Christ returns, a false Christ with his fallen angels will inhabit earth to deceive the world. He pretends to be the accurate Savior, stealing prepared ignorant Christian and non-Christian souls. The world will wander soon after him. The planet will love him.

Upon Jesus' return, like a thief within the night, finds his followers in the arms of Satan. Many who feel they have loved the Lord but are no longer expecting/waiting for him will hear the words, "I never ever knew you," (if you are not of me you're of my enemy) and after that understand that they were not with Christ at all, but had been deceived by Satan the imposter. At that time these verses will ring accurate, "if you happen to be not with Christ you're with/of Satan."

I do not believe my non-Christian good friends, or those who disagree with me are of the devil, in actual fact some of the nicest persons I've ever met in my life are Turkish Muslims, not an evil soul amongst them.

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